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We offer a wide range and variety of beautiful exotic African Round Logs & afromosia for Sale worldwide. Our offer is based on sawn timber from sustainable managed forests and is ethically produced without affecting the environment. From forest to saw mill, we assure work is done with customer specification to give them full satisfaction.

North American forests grow in volumes of high-value species with physical properties and reliable characteristics that globally recognized. Glehand tend to offers Afromosia & Okan woods round logs species from regions of North America having variety of species. Our Beli, Azobe wood logs have consistent quality, provide reliability and best levels of service enable our customers to target their core businesses and orders are delivered as per the customer specification worldwide.

We offer various types of Ebony ( Black Ebony ) Wood Logs for sale which are best of quality than the other woods and we provide customer satisfaction. Buy Bilinga & Iron woods online and select the wood logs of your choice and customized it with us in different shape and size.

What We Offer

African Wood Supplier  – Glehand

-Iroko                          -Sapele/Sapeli              -African Mahogany              -Afromosia wood logs

-Azobe wood logs      -Beli wood logs           -Ebony (black) wood log      -Doussie wood logs

-Ekop wood logs         -Makore wood logs       -Maobi wood logs              -Iron wood log

-Okan wood logs         -Padauk wood logs         -Tali wood logs                 -Rose wood logs

-Teak wood logs            -Zebra wood logs          -Wenge wood logs           -bubinga wood logs


Buy African wood logs online at the best price with fine quality and durability. African Wood logs is affordable and has a great value when compared to other woods and sold worldwide. provides African woods for sale worldwide hence it saves procurement time and money due to supply reliability. Reduce waste, avoid mismatch of raw material and improve yield due to supply consistency. Our skilled procurement team is committed to fulfilling every orders of the customer in an expedient and focused way in given time. Our sales and shipping provide a high level of service that extends beyond the point of sale. We are Worldwide Wood Supplier & Wood Exporter for African round logs, FSC Wood, Furniture, Zebrawood. We specialize in USA & UK exotic species High quality woods. 

For more information check our website and order African timbers logs of your required choice.