African Swan Timber are among the world’s most commonly used and traded commodities because of its usage of construction and furniture purpose. Hence the Responsibility of forest management to renewable raw material for producing wide range of products provides livelihood to many people worldwide and contributes to preserving biodiversity.

Our business is to export Swan Timber of African Species worldwide. We provide best quality and lower cost of Swan timber & Woods. We offer various types of African Sawn timber to sale online.


African Swan Timber & Woods

-Iroko sawn Timber              -Sapele sawn Timber      -Mahogany sawn Timber           -Afromosia Sawn Timber

-Azobe Sawn Timber           -Beli Swan Timber             – Ebony (black) Swan Timber       -Doussie Swan Timber

-Ekop Beli Sawn Timber     -Makore Sawn Timber       -Maobi Sawn Timber               -Iron Swan Timber

-Okan Swan Timber           -Padauk Sawn Timber         -Tali Swan Timber                   -Rose Swan Timber

-Teak Swan Timber           -Zebra Swan Timber             -Wenge Swan Timber              -Bubinga Swan Timber

We provide the highest quality pure and organic products that are available for sale to our customers. Our aim is to satisfy, delight and nourishes our customers and work as per their demand and requirements. Our supporting team member and experts work for customer happiness and excellence in work creating long term relation with the client and growth of online business of African Woods & Sawn Timber 

Our product is durable, strong, and most reasonable than other wood, better quality and reliability. We work and crave the timber round wood logs into different shape and sizes as per the specification of the customer so as to give full satisfaction to the customer about the product. There is no adulteration of extra raw material and we ensure purity. We offer quality Sawn Timber & woods for Sale at low price.

Iroko, Bubinga,  Sapele , Zebra , African Woods, sawn timber are the most popular sold timber woods and the price of the wood is decide on the demand in the market. Our skilled procurement team is committed towards providing appropriate services to their customers and focused on completion of order in given time. Our sales and shipping provide a high level of service that extends beyond the point of sale.  For more information check our website and order African Wenge Swan Timber of your required choice.