Different Types Of African Wood Timber | Buy African Wood Online

Different Types Of African Wood Timber | Buy African Wood Online

Sawn timber is an African timber that is cut from trees in logs form into different shapes and sizes. Sawn timber is cut into various rectangular widths and lengths as per the requirement, it can also be wedge shaped. Common sawn timber products include solid timber beams and more rectangular timber sections which are strong and fine wood.

We offer a wide range and variety of beautiful exotic African and European timber for sale worldwide. Our offer is based on sawn timber from sustainable managed forests and is ethically produced without affecting the environment. From forest to saw mill, we assure work is done with customer specification to give them full satisfaction by sale.

We are a Sweden based company engaged in the exploitation, processing and transformation of sawn timber into various products as per the demand of the client. This is to ensure we serve our foreign customers with best quality sawn timber as per the requirement. We supply African sawn timber species to our customers worldwide. We deal exclusively in African and European round wood logs, round timber logs which we export in the form of Sawn timber. We operate order based sale of round wood logs, round timber logs enabling our customers to place specified orders and supply them accordingly from source and at competitive prices.

Benefits of African Sawn Timber Round Wood Logs

The sawn time logs wood is medium to heavyweight. It is very hard and tough. It has good strength properties and high resistance.The quality of sawn timber is based on various factors which include visual appearance, strength, straightness, sawing accuracy and moisture content fluctuation.

Timer round logs and round wood logs are cut into various size and shape, used for construction industry, wooden pallets, school desks, doors, windows, roof and a variety of other products. Used for making stools, chairs and other kinds of furniture. It can be cut, planed, drilled and milled. It is relatively inexpensive in comparison to other woods and is also used to make pallets, wood flooring and railroad ties. Surface finishing is straightforward. It can be stained, painted and polished.

We sale various type of African Sawn Timber round wood logs that is pure forest extracted and it is finely made into specific shapes and sizes as the customer required and with best quality sold worldwide.

Type of African timber round logs

  • Iroko
  • Sapele/Sapeli
  • African Mahogany
  • Afromosia wood logs
  • Azobe wood logs
  • Beli wood logs
  • Doussie wood logs
  • Bubinga wood logs
  • Ebony (black) wood logs
  • Ekop wood logs
  • Makore wood logs
  • Maobi wood logs
  • Iron wood log
  • Okan wood logs
  • Padauk wood logs
  • Tali wood logs
  • Rose wood logs
  • Teak wood logs
  • Zebra wood logs
  • Wenge wood logs

Types of European round wood logs

  • Ash wood logs
  • Beach wood logs
  • Birch wood logs
  • Douglas fir wood logs
  • Cherry wood logs
  • Cedar wood logs
  • European black wood
  • Hemlock wood
  • Larch wood logs
  • Pine wood logs
  • Oak wood logs
  • Spruce wood logs
  • Veneer wood logs

Production is done with the increase in demand for the timber wood logs, which will keep pricing very consistent with fine quality and durability. It is affordable and has a great value when compared to other woods and sold worldwide.

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