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Glehand is a professional and international European wood company, dealing with hardwoods and softwoods. We are a Swedish company actively involved in the exportation of European wood species in Logs and Ash Wood, Cherry wood & Vineer woods logs.  Glehand owns various types of European Round wood logs and manages forest wood and ensure purity of extraction of wood, creating in the mind of its customers. While harvesting decisions we offer best quality of standing European Spruce wood log to our customers. We promote online sale, benefits and use of European beech and pine wood products and round logs, in line with community attitudes, customer satisfaction, environmental awareness and market trends.

Buy European Round Wood Logs Online

Buy online European spruce wood logs, European pine logs, European beech log, European larch logs any of the kind whichever you required. We process round wood logs into timber without any adulteration of mismatch raw material, we guarantee purity of our product and efficiency of our services.. We offer best Wood quality and competitive prices in the market as per the sale of Logs. We convert round wood logs into various shape and size as per the need and specification of the customer. Product we provide is of reliability, expertise skilled procurement team to serve you worldwide. It is affordable and has a great value when compared to other wood; buy online the various types of European wood logs. We aim to be reliable and trustworthy dealers to our valued customers.


European Round Wood Logs

-Ash wood logs           -Beach wood logs              -Birch wood logs          -Douglas fir wood logs

-Cherry wood logs       -Cedar wood logs          -European black wood      -Hemlock wood Logs

-Larch wood logs         -Pine wood logs              -Oak wood logs              -Spruce wood logs

-Veneer wood logs

Why Choose Us – Glehand

We are committed to fulfilling every order in given time in a focused way as the required specification of the customer. Buy European wood logs online, our pricing are very consistent with fine quality and durability. Our website Glehand provides worldwide woods & logs specially in UK & USA. worldwide hence it save procurement time and money due to supply reliability. Reduce waste, avoid adulteration of raw material and improve services with supply consistency