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An immense dense area covered wooded in many regions of Europe, with wide variations and instability in climate. This diversity of habitat results in an extremely diverse population of tree species. Hence here we found the different species of European timber wood logs. We follow Practicing and advancing our environmental conservation.

Our business is to export European Woods and Sawn Lumber to sale worldwide. Quality we serve to the customer is satisfying. We offer various types of European timber logs.


Quality European Sawn Lumber

  • Ash wood Sawn Lumber
  • Beach wood Sawn Lumber
  • Birch wood Sawn Lumber
  • Douglas fir wood Sawn Lumber
  • Cherry wood Sawn Lumber
  • Cedar wood Sawn Lumber
  • European black Sawn Lumber
  • Hemlock wood Sawn Lumber
  • Larch wood Sawn Lumber
  • Pine wood sawn Lumber
  • Oak wood Sawn Lumber
  • Spruce wood Sawn Lumber
  • Veneer wood Sawn Lumber

Why Choose Us For European Sawn Lumber & Wood

We believe to serve and support our customers worldwide to purchase European sawn lumber wood online from our website. We offer best quality and least prices to satisfy our local and global customers. We create ongoing win-win partnerships with our suppliers so they continue purchase with us. We aim to generate a high standard of commitment to our customers and work according to their requirements. We treat our customers, suppliers and clients with honesty and respect and offer purity of the product we supply. We offer a quality working environment with advanced technology that enhance the working style and improve production. We offer services at the most competitive rates. We ensure satisfaction to client when it comes to online sale of European lumber wood.  We are Worldwide Exporters for Variety Of European Wood & European Sawn Lumber Choose us because Glehand is a leading Wood suppliers in the UK & USA

The European lumber wood we supply to our customer online is of strong characteristics, reliable, pure, heavy, and durable and of great quality. These lumber wood logs are used for construction houses and furnishing them and also used for making furniture of fine and classy design. The demand for European sawn lumber wood online is more and worldwide because it has become status symbol for clients. Our expertise skilled procurement team is their serve to serve our clients worldwide and deliver the order on time and as per the requirement of the customer. We offer European wood of great value to you.